Sunday, December 29, 2013

Joy to the World!

Christmas has come and gone once again. The girls anxiously await for its arrival ALL year! Gracie's comment Christmas day was "Oh my goodness! I can't believe it is actually here, I've been waiting so long!"
We have chosen not to include Santa in our Christmas tradition because we prefer to focus on the birth of Christ. We teach our girls that we give gifts because of the love in our hearts and the joy Christ has brought in coming into this world to save us. Our hope is that the girls will appreciate their gifts more as well as the givers and it helps to keep Christmas Christ centered and not kid centered. They are careful in not divulging the Santa secret at school and have never shown any disappointment in our choice in this.
We spent Christmas Eve at home together and then left for El Paso Christmas Day. This time of the year always has me reminiscing of past years spent with loved ones now gone. My fondest memories of Christmas include two very special people who have since departed this world for the next - Grandpa and Drino (my Godfather).
This was both one of their favorite times of the year and I vividly remember there jolly dispositions and loving hearts. Grandpa would look so dashing wearing red and greeting everyone Christmas Eve as they arrived for our celebration. Our Christmas Eve celebration tradition is held at my Grandparents' house. We eat dinner, enjoy company and stay up till midnight to open presents, though the waiting till midnight has arrived at earlier hours over the years. Oh! and I can't leave out the expectant anticipation we all have in eating my Grandmother's delicious Christmas cookies - pecan sandies and peronillas.
Our Christmas Day meal is then spent at my Godparents' house where we enjoy another delicious meal, celebrating and conversations with family.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Rheygan is already 1

We have been having a lovely weekend and an exciting one at that! Rheygan is already 1 year old! Saturday we had a little party at Nana and Papa's house with the whole family and 2 special guests. Grandma and Uncle drove down from El Paso to spend this special occasion with us. Jake cooked some delicious burgers and we topped the evening off with cupcakes and presents. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to her and she was amazed and confused at first as to why everyone was singing and staring at her but she loved it and especially loved her first cupcake. She is a plain Jane when it comes to flavors so she got a simple vanilla cupcake and she loooved it!

Here's to loving family, great friends, and the love of God for bringing this sweet girl into our lives. She loves being the center of attention and especially loves to laugh and play with everyone. She will always start to dance when she hears a beat and she adores her big sisters who look after her like little mommies. She has been really walking now for about the last 2 weeks and curiously chases George the cat around the house. In the evening she wants to grab hold of someone's finger and take a walk around the yard, picking up rock souvenirs along the way. Her favorite food are sweet peas and she will not drink anything other than water out of a cup. She can say "momma", "dadda", "hi", "nigh-nigh"(night-night), "up", and "woof". She also has her own language and is constantly having a conversation with herself in it with hand gestures and all.

Sharing her grapes with Grandma

Doing some pull ups

Looking wide eyed as everyone starts to sing to her

Happy Birthday my little cupcake!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

El Paso - Summer 2013

Headed down to El Paso last week to visit the family and also see Uncle Chris who came down from Colorado.

Sprinkler time!

She's growing up far to quickly!

Sophia and Gracie

Uncle Chris taking advantage of a comfy couch.

 We went to the Rancher's Market which is a very festive grocery store that reminds me of when my Grandmother used to take us to Juarez when I was little (before it was dangerous!). They had an amazing produce section that had amazing prices too! We ate lunch there too. They make all there tortillas, meats, aguas frescas and more right there so it was really fresh and delicious.

9 months old

Chris and McKenna

Getting some energy out

playing story cubes

Uncle told them a secret word to make them giggle!!