Sunday, January 22, 2012


I am starting a fun photography posting with my friend Stephanie! Every week we'll take a picture that helps describe, via photos, what our week was like. It will fun to find how to express what is going on in our lives with just one photo!
This week's photo says it all for me! Especially today! I have not been feeling very well with this pregnancy and it has zapped all my energy:( I have a hard time with not being able to get things done that need to get done, like the laundry starting to pile up, messes everywhere, school work, bills, etc..
 ~However, I was listening to Francesca Battestelli's song, This is the Stuff, that speaks about not having everything always go the way you want. The wonderful thing about that is that God is using all these peculiarities and frustrations in my life to turn me into his beloved child. This helped me to gain perspective on what has been going on in my life and to know that I need to go with the flow and always look for the positive in the situation and ask myself "How should I act right now?"

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2

This one is reeeaaally late but better late than never!!

We had the pleasure of having Grandma come down for Thanksgiving this year which Mom and Dad hosted at their house. We had family from Clovis along with the regular bunch from around here and Mom's friend Christy whose gracious volunteer picture taking graces this post!

12 weeks

On Christmas of this year we announced that we would be adding a new member to our family! Our next little  bundle will be due sometime in July. We had previously thought I was 7 weeks with a due date of August 25th, but after our initial meeting with our midwife and hearing baby's heartbeat, we now know I'm more likely around 12 weeks. We will be getting an early sonogram soon in order to get a better idea of how far along I am and when baby B is due. Oh! And to see if there is 1 or 2 little peanuts in there!!

Wonderful World of Sledding

When the sky brings forth snow....we sled!!

Christmas 2011

We headed down to El Paso to spend Christmas with Grandma, the Asencio Jr's and the Berry's. Our Christmas tradition is to go to Grandma's house Christmas Eve and have dinner and open presents. We used to wait till midnight to open gifts, but over the years, with Grandpa being sick, we've opened them earlier. Christmas Day is spent having more time with family at friends as we head over to the Berry's house for another wonderful dinner.
This Christmas was more reserved as we all felt the loss of having our first Christmas without Grandpa. Christmas was always his favorite time of the year and I fondly remember him smiling ear to ear as he indulged in Grandma's special Christmas cookies, peronillas and peacan sandies. He would look his finest as he dressed in red and greeted everyone with a "Merry Christmas!" He would start up the old music player in the living room, resonating the traditional Christmas songs by Bing Crosby and Perry Como and others. His memory is so fresh in my mind that it is hard to believe he is gone. We love you Grandpa!!
This was Christmas 2010

This year Gracie and Mckenna helped me make chocolate dipped pretzels for gifts

Gracie helping by putting on the sprinkles

We actually had a white Christmas this year! This is a lot of snow for El Paso:)

Gracie getting ready for Christmas Eve

Grandma and the girls

So excited!

Winston helping Mckenna open presents

Christmas morning in their new robes

Being princesses in their new tent