Monday, February 10, 2014

Crazy Hair and Valentine's

It was crazy hair day once again! Now with having to get two hair crazy ready I had to go find rather simple but fun ideas, of course via Pinterest. 
Mckenna was supposed to have balloons in between her mohawk buns but we only had water balloons. Have you ever tried blowing up a water balloon? Neither have I until today, quickly learning that only lungs of steel could pull that off. 

Gracie went with the beard and mustache. We'll see how long it stays in!

We love making our own Valentine's and of course Pinterest has soooo many ideas to choose from. We found these three inspirations. Here is the link to the free printable for the bubble Valentine: Blow Me Away

I saw the You Rule valentines here: You Rule. But I didn't have red paper so I decided to make my own printable using Picmonkey.com. I also made the below printable as well. 

Click below to get these free printables: