Friday, June 29, 2012

Down in El Paso

 We spent last weekend in El Paso. It was hot but we had fun enjoying family, swimming, Grandma's delicious food and getting to see Chris!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthdays and Father's Day

We have sooooo many celebrations in the month of June that we decided to throw one party to get it all in. Grandma is down from Oklahoma, so we got to celebrater her birthday, the girls' birthday and Father's Day. Let the festivities begin...
Birthday girls - McKenna 4 (6/11) and Gracie 6 (6/28)
I made these dresses for their birthday with matching purses.

It was also Daddy's birthday on 6/5

Grandma's birthday on 6/19

Thank you Pop Pop and Grandma Angie! She had to put on her new clothes!! I have nooo idea where the girls got their love for clothes:)

McKenna trying out the big bikes Nana got.

Cake time!!

They got Candyland to play!! They love it!

Aunt Sarah showing Gracie how her stickers work.

Nana and Papa got a basketball hoop for their house so all the boys entertained us with a game.

Mica showing McKenna how to catch the ball.

Aunt Sarah and Susan played catch with Gracie.

This is his Wheaties box portrait!1

Papa getting some air.

Susan playing ball

The day was full of basketball, softball, laughing, good company, presents, ice cream cake, and delicious BBQ!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

McKenna is 4

They always say, "Enjoy them now because time moves so quickly!" and they are completely right. It seems like just the other day I was introducing Gracie to her new baby sister at the hospital and now, fast forward 4 years, McKenna is going to get to meet her new baby sister.

She is corky in so many ways and it makes us laugh and I hope she never changes but grows faithfully into the girl, teenager, young adult and finally, woman, that God has planned for her to be.

I recklessly forget how wonderful it is to have her want to be with me and do stuff with me all the time by  instead focusing on school or projects or chores instead of just being with this growing child.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The girls big birthday gift 2012!

This year we got the girls one big gift instead of doing a birthday party. I wanted them to have something fun and exciting to do outside this summer while I manicaly try to organize the house for little Rheygan (yes, this is the name we our going to call our new sweet princess). So we got a trampoline!! We thought long and hard about the decision given that there are concerns about safety but in the end knowing that we would set up very strict rules concerning said trampoline, why not!

The girls were very very very excited and couldn't wait for mommy and daddy to set it up. The box proudly states that it takes only  45 minutes to set it up! Ha ha ha ha (tear drop)! 4.5 hours later.....we finally had it up and ready for action!!

Daddy has been having just as much fun as the girls!

Even Winston wanted to get in on the action!

The girls were so excited about the trampoline, they decided to eat their dinner on it.

The next day they jumped and jumped and jumped... and the day after that and the next...

They are getting so much great exercise and our whole family is enjoying it to the max. Next up, the girls want to have a "camp out" on it and sleep under the stars one night.

Mommy's favorite part - when bed time comes...they are out!