Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Kicks and First Tooth Fairy Visit

 I am now approximately 15 weeks along! We won't know for absolute certainty until our ultrasound on the 15th of this month. This week was a big surprise though when I felt little baby B moving around for the first time! Wed of this week, I felt little cupcake having the hiccups and then he/she joyfully woke me up at around 3 a.m. the next morning due to his/her acrobatics. I'm surprised to be feeling the baby this early, but maybe after already having two, I am a little more in tuned to differentiating between baby's movement and gas:)
Gracie has had a wiggly front tooth for a couple of weeks and Thursday it finally fell out! She had been waiting and waiting to be able to save it when it fell out but...when I saw her after school that day I immediately noticed it had fallen out and told her "Gracie! Your tooth came out!". She looked at me with huge  eyes, felt in her mouth and realized that she had never noticed it missing! Luckily the tooth fairy took a drawing of her tooth in replacement for the actual thing;)

New belly photos and missing tooth coming soon....

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