Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What has been going on....

I finally graduated from UNM with my BS in Secondary Education! I can hardly believe that I actually completed the program because I have been going for sooooo long!!

 I also finished up my semester of student teaching at Roosevelt Middle School. I learned so much more than I could have ever imagined and one of the main reasons was because of the wonderful Cooperating Teacher that mentored me throughout the whole time. She is the type of teacher I aspire to be someday. She is completely devoted to the students and the school and is great at everything she does as a teacher. I learned so much from my students too and I will always remember them as my first set of students.

I am currently 26 weeks along (my last week in the 2nd trimester!) and am joyfully enjoying being at home with Mckenna right now. I'm catching up on sleep, house stuff, projects and getting ready for little Booth baby #3. I will actually begin my MA program online in June through Eastern New Mexico University which is what I will be doing this next year as I stay home with our new little peanut.

Gracie is a week away from completing Kindergarten! She has enjoyed school so much and is already excited to start 1st grade. McKenna will start pre-K in the fall which means she gets to go upstairs at the daycare, it's ALL she can talk about.

At the park

@ Sandia Peak

On a hike

@ the aquarium & Botanical Gardens

Enjoying the lush grass

Day @ the zoo with McKenna

Checking off the animals on her map

Work it girl!

Enjoying the spring weather in the yard

@ the park with tooter bean

The rocks need some color
The dress I made for graduation

Pinspirations for my dress:

Flowers on dress

Maternity dress

(More graduation photos coming soon...)

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