Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's our first soccer season!

This last Saturday was the first of 8 weekends spent watching the girls play SOCCER! This is both the girls' first season and it is such a blast watching them.
 McKenna's game was first and it was a cooold morning which made it hard for her to focus and loosen up. She plays 3 on 3 with boys and girls and these little guys are a hoot to watch! The point is to just have fun. The best part is trying to remind them which goal they are supposed to be kicking in to.

 Gracie's game was later in the afternoon and the day warmed up nicely but we had been tricked into wearing warmer clothes due to the morning's chill, therefore we were burning up in the afternoon sun.
 Gracie plays on an all girl team, 5 on 5. They are learning more skills and teamwork but again the point is to just have fun and they never keep score.

 We had to keep reminding Gracie to pay attention to the game at the beginning, but sometime by the 4th quarter she went from being shy and afraid to kick the ball to really getting after it!

Gracie's team is the Silver Panthers and McKenna's team is the Blue Smurfs.

 The best part is that now the girls get to have fun practicing at the park!

Daddy pep-talk

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