Saturday, February 23, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

Gracie was formally escorted to her very first Daddy Daughter Dance with her daddy last night. Earlier this week, we went dress shopping (Thrift store super find! $9 for jacket and dress!). Then I did her hair after school on Friday by perusing the endless amounts of hairstyles on Princess Hairstyles. Gracie and Jake then went to dinner at The Green Cafe, where Jake said she could hardly sit still because she was sooo excited. McKenna, Rheygan and I made some chocolate macarons and then took them down to the dance so we could take some pictures. The dance was in the school cafeteria and it was decorated so cute with a live DJ and a table full of sweet desserts and refreshments. It was so sweet to see all the little girls with their fathers and it was nice to know that I wasn't the only mom who couldn't stay away from seeing this precious site. The younger girls and I stayed just long enough to get some pics then came home to our evening of popcorn and watching a movie, which McKenna thought was way cooler than a dance.

When Jake got home he told me how proud he was of her! She didn't just leave her daddy and play with her friends the whole night, but instead danced the night away 90% of the time with her daddy. He also said there was a Twilight Zone moment when a mainstream song came on (not sure which) but it had lyrics that were far from being decent for little ears, and as Jake was standing there, almost all the little girls broke out singing the main chorus. Jake said all the dads just stood there flabbergasted as they watched them all belting out lyrics that little girls should NOT know. As Jake quickly looked for Gracie, he finally spotted her, she was with a friend and they were some of the only ones who had no clue what the song was and were not singing along (We hardly ever listen to the mainstream music stations and I'm so glad that my strict choice in this matter had a moment of triumph). As she walked back to her dad, Gracie commented that the song playing was not a good song despite seeing the majority of the other girls happily singing along. Anyhow, they both enjoyed the night completely and look forward to taking McKenna along next year!


  1. Adorable! She looks so much like Jake! Glad they had a great time. :)

    1. Thanks! She does doesn't she. She is a spitting image of him when he was little.